Welcome out there
Camping with Nature and Us

Part of nature

As humans, especially as campers and outdoor lovers, we adore nature – and want to be part of it. That's why sustainability is more than just a nice buzzword for us. We know exactly what it entails and are constantly developing new, ever better strategies, which are gradually being implemented at all the campsites. This is how we get involved in the community, actively shaping our surroundings. Out of respect for what we love and wish to be part of.

Step by step for a more sustainable campsite

Yes, we have a goal: camping in harmony with nature. This is what we are working towards - with small and bigger changes.

13Wooden shoe mats

What you can make out of wood? Lots of things. What have we made -shoe mats! You can see these in front of all our accommodations.

Sustainable Maintenance
12Wooden coat hanger

They are not only environmentally friendly, but also stable. That's why all our hangers are made of wood.

Sustainable Maintenance
New ideas?

We’re alaways happy to hear from you on how we can improve ourselves and do better.

Our next big or small step could come from you!

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11Recyclable Robidog bags

We now offer recyclable bags at all Camping Lodge sites for dog excrement – looking after your dog and the environment!

Waste Management
10Climate friendly website

Our vision has always had the environment at the focus. We look after nature and likewise our vision carries over to this website. We use the lowest possible power consumption to maintain this website.

Energy efficiency
09Wooden flowerpots

Who needs plastic flowerpots? We certainly don't - we have exchanged them for wooden ones.

Sustainable Maintenance
08Nature trail

We bring you closer to flora and fauna: on a nature trail right next to the campsite.

Knowledge Transfer
07Electric vehicles for the staff

They cruise almost silently through the terrain, elegantly passing through everywhere. All the power comes from the socket - of course, green electricity.

Energy efficiency
06Eiger hut built with existing wood

Once they were part of a barn or farmhouse. Still in top condition: the wooden elements form a beautiful place to stay for our guests.

Recycle and reuse
05Wooden clothes pegs

Sustainable, even in the smallest - just like in grandmother's time: our clothes pegs are made of wood.

Sustainable Maitenance
04Plastic-free waste bins

We don't like plastic that much. We do without it whenever possible. Also with the waste bins. Ours are made of metal or wood.

Waste Management
03Local products

Partners and producers from the region supply us with wonderful products. That is important to us. And they taste great too.

Local partnerships
02Fox Cabin built with existing wood

Here too: loving renovation instead of demolition and new construction. Because the wood is still in tip-top condition. And the cottages are now even cosier.

Recycle and Reuse
01Recycled toilet paper

Actually a matter of course: We only use recycled toilet paper.

Waste Management